Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day!

We couldn't be Old Married Ladies without men in our lives, so what better day to celebrate them than Fathers Day? In honor of the sort-of-holiday, we're belatedly posting a few of our favorite recent finds related to fatherhood.

"I cannot be home all the time. But if I had enough time, I would do, four, five, ten, a hundred jobs for your education. It's a joy to do that, knowing that I'm doing that for you. Because I'm so proud having you as a daughter."

I love this StoryCorps with a father and daughter.

"This is the father I aspire to be: I want to drop my expectations of them, and be more accepting of who they already are."

Master of simplicity Leo Babauta contemplates his own role as father, and what he aspires to in that relationship. 

"My father leans into each day with gratitude for what remains."

A reporter searches for lessons in her father's Alzheimer's experiences. 

"You owe your kid food, safety, and love, but you also owe him your example. You give up on The Thing, and then when the kid grows up, he might give up on His Thing, too.So don’t give up on The Thing."

As someone who tries to find balance of family, friendships, career, creativity and a comfortable home, I like what author/artist/parent Austin Kleon had to say about THE THING. Image above created by Kleon, who wrote Steal Like an Artist

Vintage images from the Library of Congress archives, as per usual. 

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