Monday, June 1, 2015

Baby talk: Good reads, vol. 3

Mrs. Crafty's due date approaches! As she starts her pre-baby maternity leave, I've got a few more helpful reads for her (and anyone else stockpiling good links on parenting, motherhood, kids and life).

  1. There's a whole Instagram feed dedicated to breastfeeding art. I discovered the top image on the post ("Madame Helleu Cradling Paulette in Her Arms" by Paul C├ęsar Helleu) via that feed. I'm sure it won't be long before Instagram tries to shut it down and controversy ensues, so enjoy it while you can! 
  2. Is modern parenting "all joy and no fun"? What ails modern parents? Slate talks to an author who asked NOT the question, "What am I doing to my kids?" but rather "What are my kids doing to me?" 
  3. ALSO, remember that routines matter
  4. I know that Mr. Crafty tends to be the official photographer in your house, so share these six tips for photographing your child. (And get mega-inspired by checking out You Are My Wild, a one-year time capsule in which professional photographers shared beautiful photos of their kids in everyday life.) 
  5. Makes me laugh: It's Like They Know Us is dedicated to ridiculing stock photos and terrible advertising choices.

And finally, one very weird image discovery after the jump.

I discovered this odd historical image of a woman feeding her baby AND A BEAR CUB(!?) via the Library of Congress photo archives.

Apparently it is tagged in the Collection called, "Miscellaneous Items in High Demand." WHY IS THIS IN HIGH DEMAND? I have so many questions, and no answers. But the lesson is: No matter how difficult breastfeeding may be, just remember you're not feeding a bear cub!.

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