About the old ladies

Years before we were 30-something married ladies, we were two college roommates paired randomly by campus housing. Mrs. Snacky arrived at the dorm with a loaf of fresh, Amish-baked bread and fruit jam. Mrs. Crafty had her bed neatly made and her books organized alphabetically on the bookshelf.

We believe in the power of good food, the fun of DIY, and the restorative practice of long chats (even better with a stiff drink). And we know a thing or two about friendship, living abroad, graduate degrees, city living, babies and making lemonade from lemons.

Mrs. Crafty (pictured below, on the right)
A newlywed in New Jersey, Mrs. Crafty works as a full-time mom to a baby girl (previously a management consultant). Knitting, crocheting and sewing are her bailiwick, but she'll also tackle gardening, renovations in her charming old house, and the joys of starting a family.

Mrs. Snacky (pictured below, on the left)
After seven years in the big city of Chicago, Mrs. Snacky returned to her roots in Ohio. She's an editorial manager who thinks endlessly about what her next meal will be (a gene inherited from her grandmother). She's a marriage veteran with seven years under her belt and a mom to a toddler.

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