Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Old Married Ladies' Holiday Wishlist, vol. 2

Last year, we crowd-sourced some ideas for last-minute holiday gifts. This year, we are a half-step ahead of the game.

Let's get right to it!

Cheeky shirts

For a book lover or for the woman who loves cozy nights on the couch or for the woman who adores Beyonce (and greens).

A fancy, frou-frou,  spa gift set 

I like sugar scrubs, but it's not something I often remember to put in my own shopping cart. This one comes with body butter.

My sister really loves L'Occitane, so I'm throwing this in smooth body set as a symbol of what the special people in her life should consider buying. (NO SPOILERS HERE.)

Weird decorative things 

Ceramic ring holders that look like pale, chubby thumbs? It's the objet d'art you didn't know you needed. For the feminist in need of art, consider this delicate cut-paper sign. When in doubt, ask yourself: Would I love a ceramic hedgehog? (I hope the answer is yes.)

An overnight bag 

Because some of us are still using the same bag we got in college. Which honestly? It's holding up pretty well for a clearance-at-Macy's purchase that studied abroad with me.

But I like an update every now and then, and so do the Old Married Ladies in your life. Here's a bold print for car trips, a faux leather that looks especially nice in oxblood, or a unisex style in a nice olive.

Honey for a tea lover

Just like flights of beer, Terrain has a tasting of honey for enthusiasts. This is a tad pricey but great gift for someone who doesn't want things and is watching their diet. And I've got a whole group of people who fit in that category!


National Parks Print 11x17

National parks map

Visiting all the national parks is a big goal. If you have a loved one who is trying it (as we do), give them a way to keep track of their park travels with this awesome map. There are stickers to mark where you've been (sold separately). And for the kids, don't forget to get them a passport book to learn about each park they visit.

The Old Married Ladies don't have affiliate deals or sponsors. We are simple consumers, with simple wishlists. Happy shopping! 

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