Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Old Married Ladies' Last-Minute Wishlist

What do old married ladies want for Christmas? We know there are a lot of gift guides out there, but we find many of them too expensive, too fussy, and too specific to a certain type of personality.

We did a flash poll among our Facebook friends, and here's what a few people said they want:
  • A proper pair of snow boots and a gift card to Urban Outfitters
  • An iPad Air
  • A smile on a child's face... loljk I just want money
  • Cold weather running gear
  • A weekend alone to read books
Here are a few easy, foolproof ideas for what to give (or ask for) this year:

Satsuma shower gel from The Body Shop 
Cost: $8
Why: To quote a friend: "A totally indulgent yet practical gift, because I get to use it every day, it smells amazing, and it feels luxurious." 

A snarky coffee mug 
Cost: $16
Why: Because mornings, ugh, amiright?! Pair with a package of great coffee beans from a favorite roaster.
Alternatives: For fans of the Bloggess // For cat lovers // For commuters

A funky scarf 
Cost: Varies ($120 for the one pictured)
Why: Because you really can't have too many scarfs. They're warm, you can layer them, you can wear them to work, or not. They turn a boring outfit into one with personality, and in a pinch you can use them as throw blankets on planes or in cold office.
Alternatives: Faux-fur scarf // Blue and white scarf // Plaid scarf

Fancy chocolate
Cost: $8 (as pictured) but varies by product
Why: Because I love chocolate, but it's hard to justify spending $8 on a bar for myself... As a gift, though, I'd eat the hell out of it.
Alternatives: Vosges chocolates from Chicago // Fancy marshmallows // Salted chocolate chip cookie mix

Awesome and/or weird books
Cost: Varies by title
Why: Because books are the new collectible. Books are the new art. Books make me happy.
AlternativesHumans of New York, Maps, The Art of Asking

Amazon (or local bookshop) gift cards
Cost: As little or as much as you want!
Why: If you're not sure whether the person already owns any of the previously mentioned awesome books, or if you're not sure whether they prefer e-reading on a tablet or paper books, you can never go wrong with an Amazon gift card.

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