Sunday, August 2, 2015

Confessions: I'm afraid to wear white

Even before I had a walking stain-creation machine (also known as a toddler), I was hesitant to wear white. I have a handful of white shirts, but they're all machine-washable pieces that I change out of when I return home from work. I'm spill-prone, generally clumsy, and I like doing hands-on things like cooking, baking and playing in puddles with a toddler. So in the season of "WEAR WHITE," I find myself staring longingly at summery white dresses, colorless shorts, eyelet shirts, gauzy peasant tops and all things pale, creamy or ivory.

But in addition to the mess factor, I can't get a handle on the fashion. There's a weird clinical look if you opt for a white jacket or a certain kind of dress. If it's a dress that's too long or formal, it veers toward bridal. Some cuts and patterns look futuristic. Like a world where white culottes are the rage. DO WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE?

Is there a secret to wearing white? Do you invest in a lot of bleach? Clorox also scares me. I haven't bought Clorox in my adult life, though I regularly purchase stain removal sprays, scrubs and treatments. What am I missing here? Has anyone mastered the secrets to including white in your wardrobe?

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