Friday, August 15, 2014

Burp-ready baby bibs

Ever since I started sewing, bibs have been high on my list of things to make. They are small, simple, and don't have to be perfect. A baby is going to spit up on them after all, so who's going to notice some wonky stitching through the stains, right?

I resisted, however, because as soon as you start making baby things, everyone expects you to be pregnant. I'm not saying I'm above suspecting that of others, but I didn't want to field any questions, so I just didn't make them. I finally broke down when I got my millionth baby announcement in the mail. It was time.

I found an awesome blog that provided a template for DIY bibs called Alice and Lois. And as with anything I craft, I skimmed the directions and just got sewing!

In true Mrs. Crafty style, the only thing I had to buy were the snaps. I'm too practical to buy expensive fabric or ultra soft lining for the back. Instead, I used my husband's old white t-shirts. They were broken in, soft, and there were a ton of them. He was tossing them at the trash can in our bedroom when I dodged in front of him to intercede and salvage the fabric. They were perfect!

I also opened up my scrap fabric drawer and had plenty to work with. If you're just getting started with sewing, then you might have to buy fabric. However, if you have done a couple of fabric projects in the past, chances are you can whip together a couple of these bibs without ever leaving the house.

The best part of using scrap fabric is that each bib tells a story. The hexagonal patterned bib is from a dress I made when my husband and I first started living together. The hexagon pattern reminded me of the board games we liked to play, so I bought it.The blue and red bib comes from fabric that I bought while I lived in Japan.

I can't wait to be reminded of all those memories as I'm feeding my future offspring! Visit the link above for directions, but again, the message here is just try it!