Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mrs. Crafty's new project: A BABY!

Subject: Expecting in June
Date: February 18, 2015

Dear Mrs. Snacky,

The Mister and I have embarked on one of our biggest adventures yet. I'm pregnant!

Our dinner conversations are full of parenting philosophies, ideas for the baby's room, cool museums to go to, and crazy toys to buy. We are both super excited and worried at the same time (admittedly I'm worried enough for all three of us!).

Our little girl at 12 weeks.

As I look back at the last decade or so of my adulthood, I realized that I wasn't always sure that I wanted to have kids. So many people in my high school got pregnant at a young age that I saw first hand at how difficult raising children is. I wanted to travel, learn languages, be independent. Having a baby didn't seem to really fit into that plan. It wasn't until meeting my husband that I was sure about having kids. I have a partner in life to face all the challenges and celebrate the successes with. I know I don't have to be on top of everything all the time because we are a team. It makes me so excited to see what our genetic combination will produce!

While we are preparing ourselves for changes and for the excitement, I just wanted to know if you are ready? There will be phone calls, text messages, gchats, random 10-hour car rides to Ohio because I want to lay on your couch, eat your cooking, pinch some chubby baby cheeks, and pet your fluffy muppet dog.

Ready. Set. Baby!

Mrs. Crafty

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  1. Ah congratulations! That's so exciting! I know that you'll be a blessing to your little girl, and she'll be a blessing to you. Plus, you're lucky that you have someone by your side to go through having and raising a baby with.