Monday, July 21, 2014

Let's start a blog about being old married ladies

Subject: Let's start a blog about being old married ladies
Date: July 1, 2014

Dear Mrs. Crafty,

Remember the good ol' days, when we lived in the same apartment, ate homemade cookies, drank cheap wine, and made crafts? I'm not sure that it was typical for college students to do as much baking, knitting and reading as we did, but I've got no regrets.

I've always known my "inner age" was something like 65, and now that we're finally old married ladies, we can embrace our hobbies unabashedly and publicly. We can talk about crafts, brag about baked goods, and have those long girly chats that ate up late nights and next-day brunches when we were roommates.

The only problem is that we're hundreds of miles away from each other, work during the day, have husbands, one of us has a house, one has a baby, and my spotty wi-fi makes video chat complicated.

So maybe we should move the conversations to another format? Say, a blog? And we'll call it "Old Married Ladies," since we are? What do you think? 

Mrs. Snacky

Subject: Re: Let's start a blog about being old married ladies
Date: July 2, 2014

Dear Mrs. Snacky,

Oh, I remember the good ol' days of mystery pies in the communal dorm kitchen, me discouraging you from picking shoes from the Lands' End catalog (your inner 65-year-old waving me off), and watching General Hospital until we fell asleep on Friday afternoons (somehow your grandma always knew to call then). I would agree that these were not typical college experiences, but during that time I learned how to knit. It became my passion and something that has been a lasting thread in my life. I've been an unstoppable crafting machine ever since.

We may be thousands of miles apart, but we're still as close as ever. We're growing our families, learning to be better workers, tackling life's obstacles, and enjoying every bit of it.

Becoming an old married woman has been my favorite thing in life so far. Let's share what married old women do in this blog. I'll craft as you cook, and we'll see what we cook up together!

Bursting with excitement,
Mrs. Crafty

Top photo from our freshman year in college (featuring the day we met and mystery pies!) // Bottom photo as bridesmaids at a friend's wedding this summer

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